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What is Academic English?

You may be confident in using English in everyday situations, but the kind of English you need for study is rather different.
It is what is known as 'academic English' and is the type of English you need for;

Academic English is different from everyday spoken English. It may be used to

Much of academic English is about expressing the relationship between ideas. Although the language may be more complex than in everyday English, good academic writers aim to be as clear, precise and simple as possible. They think about what their readers know already, and aim to guide them towards less familiar areas and topics.

The ability to write in an academic style is something you develop as part of your university study. It is difficult to give overall 'rules' on the way to write for a university course, as academic subjects vary in

Main Features of Academic English

·         is usually formal in tone and impersonal in style

·         avoids contractions or shortened forms of verbs, such as won't, doesn't or it's

·         avoids using a linking word such as 'and' or 'but' at the beginning of a sentence

·         avoids personal pronouns such as I, me, you, your

·         may use the passive form of verbs

·         avoids verbs that are composed of multiple words, such as 'give up', 'put up with'

·         tends to employ a cautious way of explaining findings, using expressions such as 'may', 'it is possible that...', 'could'

·         may use specialised vocabulary.

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