Diction and Elocation etc...


The Projection of your Vocal Power to match the Authority of you Profession

Experience the power of your natural voice to compel attention through oral communication skills.

Learn voice training tips, vocal power and projection, excellent diction and elocution.Develop a speaking voice that compels attention and authority through speaking voice training with  Mr. Bob a TESOL consultant at WESCO Cameroon. Most voice training and vocal methods require months of training. Mr. Bob is able to identify the specific area(s) of training that will help achieve your personal goals. He is able to focus your training so that you can achieve results in as few as 20 one-hour sessions. You will be proud of your own voice.


Areas of Speaking Voice Coaching

o Voice Control - Learn the basics of vocal tone and control including breath support, resonance, projection, and elimination of unpleasant voice qualities (i.e. nasality, too high-pitched, or throatiness). Your voice will sound deeper, fuller, more powerful, and beautiful. You will love your new voice!

o Diction - Articulation of consonants eliminates mumbling and creates clear, distinct speech. Formerly called elocution, diction is often all foreign-born professionals need to make their speech understood easily.

o Vowel Pronunciation - Standard British Received Pronunciation (RP) or Standard American pronunciation of vowels reduces regional dialects and foreign accents. Correcting pronunciation to Standard English requires a longer process, but worth the effort if you are an actor, broadcaster or business professional doing business where other's perception is important.

o Vocal Color - Learn to put inflection and emotion in your voice to influence others. Learn the secret of "coloring" your voice with red power, blue compassion, and yellow enthusiasm so others feel your message.


o Speaking Clearly for Foreign-Born Professionals - While it is not necessary to eliminate a foreign accent, it is important that listeners be able to understand your speech. Learn to pronounce sounds of Standard English in order to be understood more clearly in professional and personal situations.

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