Diploma in Teaching Business English


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The course aims are to develop an awareness of the learners of Business English, their motivations and the roles of the teacher and the learner; and to develop skills for teaching Business English, on or off-site. The course also develops familiarity with appropriate resources and materials for use with Business English learners. Candidates should already have a basic TESOL/TEFL qualification and some teaching experience.

Course programme consists of about 20 hours modules covering  key areas in the Teaching of Business English Learners.


Module 1:     The Business English

Module 2:       Classroom

Module 3:     Needs Analysis        

Module 4:       The Language of

Module 5:       Course and Resource

Module 6:       Core Business Skills 1
Module 7:       One to One   

Module 8:       Core Business Skills 2

Module 9:       Business Writing
                    – an overview

Module 10:   Teaching business
                      English - activities

 Entry Requirements


These courses are designed for practicing teachers who specialise or wish to specialise in these areas.  Applicants should already have a basic TESOL/TEFL qualification and some teaching experience.



n       Should be at least 19  years of age.

n       Should have a high standard of English.

n     Must be able to attend 100% of the course.

TBE Module summary

Module 1: The Business English

Trainees study the special needs and motivations of the business English learner and consider the implications for the teacher.

Module 4: The Language of

Trainees study effective ways of presenting new lexis in the business classroom.

Module 2: Classroom

Trainees study how to manage business classes effectively in order to facilitate learning.

Module 5: Course and Resource

Trainees analyse a range of course books and resource books aimed at the business English learner and study ways of using them effectively.

Module 3: Needs Analysis

Trainees consider the rationale behind doing a needs analysis and study various effective ways of creating them.

Module 6: Core Business Skills 1

Trainees identify the core business skills and look at how they are linked together. This session also look at “Presentation Skills”.

Module 7: One to One

Trainees analyse the special opportunities offered by the one-to-one teaching situation and study a range of activities which are effective within it.

Module 9: Business Writing

Trainees analyse the process of writing and study ways of using this to develop relevant business writing skills in the classroom.

Module 8: Core Business Skills 2

In this session trainees are shown ideals on how to teach “negotiation skills” and “Meeting Skills” effectively

Module 10: Teaching Business

Trainees participate in various communicative activities designed for the business learner and analyse the rationale behind them.



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