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[Software maintenance and pc security is the protection and security of a software product after delivery to correct faults, to improve performance or other attributes.]

Admission Requirement

Applications for course participation will be considered from teachers of the IT DEPT.]

Admission Procedure

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Open Enrollment Policy

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*  Chapter 1:

Over view

Importance of maintenance

What is software maintenance?

Software changes are inevitable

*  Chapter 2:

Management myths

Customer myths

Practioner`s myths

*  Chapter 3:

Type of maintenance

Distribution of maintenance

Development vs. maintenance

*  Chapter 4

Five types of software maintenance

Two types of fault repairs

Two types of migration

*  Chapter 5

Software maintenance problems

Relative cost of maintenance

Maintenance cost of factor

Technical aspect of maintenance

*  Chapter 6


Aspect of maintainability

Impact analysis

The ripple effects

Trace ability

*  Chapter7

Legal system

Maintenance terminology

Software reverse engineering

Reengineering categories

*  Chapter 8

Reality check

Lehman`s laws of software evolution

The myth of software maintenance

*  Chapter 9 and 10

Pc security


Fees and Charges


15.000Frs cfa  = $30.00 US



250.000Frs cfa  = $500US





[Course is taken in our Douala Campus and Yaounde Campus]

Flexible Payment Options

We understand that the pursuit of a college degree can represent financial uncertainties and challenges. PHU offers flexible payment plans to make your learning affordable.




15 000 FCFA

Second month


Last Month


You may discuss with our Admission Director for other plans which fit your needs.

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