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PP 001 [DIPLOMA in Chip Level Laptop & Desktop Motherboard  Repairing]

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[Laptop & Desktop Mother Board : In this session  of the training, which provide a mass knowledge about motherboards, included types of motherboards, functioning of motherboards, its structure, parts of motherboard.
It also provide working of motherboard, how to diagnose the faulty motherboards and repairing of various sections.
Step by step checking of faulty motherboard with the help of debug card and removing of faults.

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[Enrollment is done on site or by email.]


*  [Unit 1. Introduction to computer.

*  Unit 2. Basics of Electronics: This session cover basics of electronics which included detailed training about Volt, Ampere, hertz, ohms, resistance, earthling, watt
Fuse, how to work home appliances etc.
components testing : Training about resistance, their types and working and effects in computers. NTC, PTC, fix, variable resistance, working of Diodes, Zener diode.
This session also included the handling of transistors, mosfter difference between transistor and mosfet capacitors, Line filter Coils. basic concept of all parts
logic and work Description and testing components with multimeter

*  Unit 3. SMPS : In this session, detailed training about SMPS, how to convert AC to DC, DC To Convert high amp low volt AC Check fault in SMPS and repairing of SMPS.

*  Unit 4. Digital Electronics: Detailed training of ICs (Integrated Circuit), its use in computers and functioning.

*  Unit 5. VRM SECTION: This session is included full detail of all types of vrm circuit like TGATE ,BGATE mosftet identification ,how to convert
12volt 5amp to 2volt 45-60amp, with using buck controller ic ,description of VID Signal, Power good signal ,Load resistance etc.
Fault finding in VRM section.

*  Unit 6. I/O CONTROLLER : 128 pin i/o controller ic all pin description all pin theory individually understanding and physically connection testing with
peripherals, included keyboard circuit,LPT Circuit ,COM port ,front panel ,FDD,Power on ,VID Signal, RESET ,FRAME,DMA LOGIC etc.
BIOS,RAM,VGA.LAN,SOUND,USB,HDD,CLOCK CIRCUIT , Practical Training of SMD Parts Repalace like mosfter ,ic's ,Sockets,etc.

*  Unit 7. POST DEBUG CARD: POST debug card error indication and fault finding , C.R.O operating ,Bios Programmer Operating

*  Unit 8. Stock handling of spares: This session was for maintaining spares stocks for better management of various item used for
repairing and maintenance of entire system. Some necessary item should be kept always in stock for better and timely repairing,
it also provided the list of required tools & equipments for repairing and maintenance.

*  Unit 9. Vendors Address: Some addresses of vendors were provided to get the required spares and items related to repairing.
This Training session was so very helpful for diagnosing the faults in different parts of computers and enable to solve the problem
due to more practical sessions, which also enhanced the repairing capabilities and confidence as well.

*  Unite 10. BGA Rework procedure: How to Rework Southbridge(ICH) , Northbrideg(GMCH) With using BGA Rework Machine ,Lead free Balls,Stensils,etc.

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[Course is taken in our Douala Campus and Yaounde Campus]

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