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You might consider a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in international business, or a master's degree in international commerce if you enjoy solving problems and leading teams of people or planning the operations of multinational organizations. Read ahead to learn the types of classes you could take and the kinds of jobs available. Schools offering….
What Types of Master's Degrees are Available in International Commerce?

You won't be able to find MBA programs in international commerce; however, you can find MBA programs with an emphasis in international business, which includes training in international commerce practices. An MBA is a terminal degree in business that can be completed in 2-3 years and qualifies you for upper-level management or executive positions. Online programs are available.

Alternatively, you could pursue a Master of Arts (M.A.) or Master of Science (M.S.) degree program in international commerce, both of which are available through our accredited university program. These are typically 2-year or 12 months degree programs that can prepare you for further graduate study or international positions in financial consulting, strategic management or business-government relations.

What Will I Learn?

Expect to learn fundamental business administration skills and theories of global business. For example, you might receive training in global business markets, international economics, managing international teams and entrepreneurship. Areas of specialty could include healthcare management, marketing, supply chain management, finance or general management. The following are examples of courses you might find in the curriculum:

  • International finance and accounting
  • International business models
  • Management in global business markets
  • Global diversity and ethics
  • International human resources
  • Multinational enterprises
  • Financial reporting
  • Organizational leadership and organizational behavior
  • Operations management
  • Social responsibility
  • Government relations
  • Globalization
  • International competitive analysis
  • Trade policy

What Are the Prerequisites?

You need at least a bachelor's degree to be considered for admission into a master's degree program in this field. Additionally, you may have better chances of admission if you have experience as a business manager; in fact, MBA admissions committees may take your professional achievements into consideration in addition to your educational accomplishments. General Management Admissions Test (GMAT) scores or Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores or Test of English For International Communication (TOEIC) scores, letters of recommendation and a resume may also be required. You could prepare for these programs by learning a second language or taking courses in accounting, finance, economics, sales or marketing.

What Kinds of Jobs Can I Get?

You could be eligible for many different management positions in international or domestic organizations. Most programs facilitate internships, which help you gain professional experience before entering the job market. Some graduates might even earn signing bonuses. While graduates of M.A. or M.S. programs can often enter the workforce as entry-level managers, supervisors or senior employees, graduates of MBA programs can apply for senior-level management positions. Graduates may find work in the following areas:

  • Regional sales
  • Advertising management
  • Firm management
  • Firm management entrepreneurship
  • International business consulting
  • Social networking entrepreneurship
  • E-commerce
  • Telecom operations management
  • Direct response marketing
  • Private equity financing
  • Market research
  • Sports sales and entertainment

Admission Requirement


To be considered for the MBA programme you

must meet the following requirements:

Admission Requirements:

1. Bachelor's Degree (or equivalent) or

HND/BTS + at least 2 years work

experience or 5+ years of full time,

relevant work experience

2. 3 years of full-time relevant work

experience recommended for all.

3. Candidates will normally be aged 23 years

or over

4. Proof of English Proficiency is required if

English is not your first language (TOEIC

750 - IELTS 6.5 - TOEFL 240) or an

intermediate level attestation fromWESCO Standard English Language Test.

(SELT) Candidates who studied their

undergraduate degree in English can

provide a letter confirming so from their


Application Documents:

1. PHU Application Form

2. Scanned, certified copies of your diplomas

and academic transcripts with certified

translation into English

3. CV or Resume

4. 1 Scanned copy of your photo (Jpeg,

colour 150 x 150 pixel.]

Admission Procedure

[Must provide legalized highest diploma and an English proficiency test level]

Open Enrollment Policy

[Enrollment is done on site or by email.]


MBA Foundation Program

Ø  Strategic Planning

Ø  Corporate Finance

Ø  Marketing Management

Ø  Operations Management

Ø  Organizational Behavior

Ø  Information Management

Ø  Strategic Decision Making

Ø  Competitor Analysis

Ø  Final Exams


MBA Electives

Ø  Islamic Portfolio Management

Ø  Risk Management

Ø  Business Continuity and Crisis Management

Ø  International HR Management

Ø  Coaching and Mentoring for Leadership & Management


Ø  Project Management

Ø  Project Leadership and Team Building

Ø  Fundamentals of Islamic Finance

Ø  Consumer Behaviour

Ø  Project Management

Ø  Performance Measurement & Control

Ø  Internet and Digital Marketing Communications

Ø  Managing in the Digital Economy

Ø  Performance Measurements and Control

Ø  Advanced Financial Management

  Ø  International Financial Management

Ø  International Financial Markets and Institutions & Management

Ø  Global Marketing

9 Courses International Commerce

  1. International finance and accounting
  2. International business models
  3. Management in global business markets
  4. Global diversity and ethics
  5. International human resources
  6. Multinational enterprises
  7. Financial reporting
  8. Organizational leadership and organizational behavior
  9. Operations management
  10. Social responsibility
  11. Government relations
  12. Globalization
  13. International competitive analysis
  14. Trade policy


Pathway Project presentation

                    18000 -20000 WORDS


Master in Business Administration
Project Management
Performance Measurement & Control


MBA in E-Business

Managing in the Digital Economy
Internet and Digital Marketing Communications




MBA in Financial Management

Performance Measurements and Control

 Advanced Financial Management

MBA in Finance & Investment Management
International Financial Management
International Financial Markets and Institutions

MBA in Marketing Management

Global Marketing

Consumer Behaviour

 MBA in Risk Management

Risk Management

Business Continuity and Crisis Management

MBA in HR Management

International HR Management

Coaching and Mentoring for Leadership & Management

MBA in Islamic Banking & Finance

Fundamentals of Islamic Finance

Islamic Portfolio Management


MBA in Project Management

Project Management

Project Leadership and Team Building

MBA in Management of Technological Change

MBA in Applied Leadership

Affordable Tuition Fees


Fees and Charges


25.000Frs cfa  = $50.00 US



1.750.000Frs cfa  = $3500.00 US





[Course is taken in our Douala Campus and Yaounde Campus –Distance and semi -distance]

Flexible Payment Options

We understand that the pursuit of a college degree can represent financial uncertainties and challenges. PHU offers flexible payment plans to make your learning affordable.



Registration + $800.00 up front


Second month


Last Month


You may discuss with our Admission Director for other plans which fit your needs.

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