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Wesco Higher Institute of Professional Training  offers a Global Online training enables students to obtain an internationally recognised UK qualification, no matter where they are located, allowing them complete flexibility to study at their own space without disrupting their day-to-day life commitments.The Global Online Training is designed to educate and support a new generation of global business leaders. The Online Training has a number of specialisms allowing students to choose a pathway that suits their professional needs. The specialisms include Professional English language, Business Administration, General IT, Assesment Solution and other internationa certificates.
            The certificates are responsive to contemporary issues, taking account of current English language, Business studies and economic conditions, providing its students an educational experience that will equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to operate effectively in today's challenging in their society.

All learning materials for the Online training are available in multiple formats. They can be used on a variety of devices including a laptop, tablet or mobile and can be downloaded ensuring that students are able to go through them at their own space offline.

The Online Training at Wesco Institute uses 'Moodle' as its virtual learning environment, a tool that offers students a flexible yet structured online learning experience. By using Moodle students benefit from a:

    Help Desk which allows for communications in each module
    'My Groups' feature which allows students to set up self-help groups
    Virtual Office Hour which allows students to contact module leaders at a predetermined time every two weeks
    Study Schedule Guide that allows students to record target dates and track their progress
    Digital Workbook that automatically records, updates and publishes students' work into a PDF.

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