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Sunday, 03 April 2016 12:46

Welcome to Wesco Cameroon

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Why choosing WESCO Cameroon.


Wesco may not be the only institute in Cameroon, but its always remain the Best & the most recognized international institute in Africa and in all over the world. Wesco has many sub branches in some African Countries such as South Africa, Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, equatorial Guinness. WESCO Cameroon is the official representative of MAC EWAN University, Lethbridge College and Norquest College.With several years of experience in training professionals and in other fields,wesco Cameroon is ready to promote any candidate who would like to study in Canada, USA, london etc. along with their certificate such as TOEFL,TFI, IELS etc.The advantage of applying through WESCO is a free Visa assistance.

What is the benefit to being member of Wesco community?

People usually join Wesco with different objective & aims, for all members of WESCO enjoy the following advantages:

Education Counseling and guide on how to choose a career.

Test preparation and tips.

Application guide and

how to secure a place in any of the above mentioned institutions.

Assistance on how to obtain a student visa.

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