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Office management is a profession involving office supervisory positions.


People that hold office management positions conduct special studies and based on the results of these special studies, they develop reports. Apart from developing reports, they also provide input to management on the development of policies and procedures. Office management may also provide paralegal support, and may draft correspondence for management, schedule appointments, etc.




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Office management


Office management is the administrative handling, controlling, and maintaining a balanced process of work inside the office of an organization whether big or small company/business, which is necessary to achieve the administrative goal.

Main functions


The office manager is the coordinator of the work system. An office manager is responsible for planning, organizing, and controlling the clerical aspect of the organization, including the preparation, communication, coordination and storage of data to support production and other important operations of an industrial establishment. Often they also engage in marketing. Also, their tasks are to monitor the work processes and to evaluate the outcome. The outcomes of work are intended for what can be called the final receiving system, as for instance, client, customer, and other departments.


Furthermore, their role is to coordinate on the front end by issuing various assignments. They usually lead or manage a team of secretaries or administrative clerks. And they take care of the assignment of tasks within the department, but the more complex tasks tend to come to their desk.


Positions allocated to usual classification perform a combination of the following office management functions:


    Budget development and implementation


    Book Keeping

    Human resources



    Records management

    Forms management


    Facilities management

    Space management

    Risk management


Considering the diversity of functions, someone holding an office manager position is expected to have many talents. Some of the competencies which he is expected to possess are problem solving and decision making abilities, integrity, assertivity, flexibility, accuracy and the ability to cope with pressure.

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