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    West Consulting Organisation (WESCO) is a successful growing non-profit making organization that offers hands-on, career focused educational programs eighty percent gratis. Our primary goal is to prepare you and make you fit for your professional development. At WESCO  Higher Institute of Professional Training  we are dedicated to creating positive courses and programs that open up the environment suitable for career and professional development. Success in your career and professionalism is our major objective and we pledge our time, energy and recourses to see you through your goals. We very much respect the decision you have reached at by preparing for your chosen career. And as you know a perfect knowledge in English language skills is the main gate to success. Our programs will open you up to new worlds of opportunities all because we care not for money but for nation building. We are ready to be connected globally by having partners that can help us help you. Consulting the rest of the world to meet your particular needs is a great step towards cultural and professional development.

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West Consulting Organisation (WESCO) is here to galvanize experts in the field of TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) both nationally and internationally into what it would take to bring English Language to the door step of every Cameroonian and the rest of the world where English is not the main language of communication. By this, we mean WESCO will be offering courses to both Learners of English as a Second Language and Teachers of English as a Second Language.So WESCO aims at providing students the necessary professional and educational dispensations for a changing and competitive workplace.

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The strength of WESCO is reflected in its diverse TESOL programs which go a long way in developing careers of different fields of professionalism. We are for professional development. WESCO is committed to enhancing the job performance and satisfaction of professionals in diverse fields; to increase public awareness and appreciation for career and technical programs and to assure growth in local and regional findings for these programs, by communicating and working with bigger organizations.


WESCO’S leadership is a Board of Directors appointed by the Executive Director - Board Officers; include the Executive Director and the Director of Studies. At WESCO, we promote quality and professional integrity in teachers’ educational courses for teaching English to speakers of other languages in Cameroon and abrod. We are dedicated to the advancement of language courses and English Teachers Education that prepares both youths and adults for career development. We also carry out Course in Business Studies which is well elaborated in our official website, click Here

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